It can be tempting when addressing a class of students, especially ones that you’ve only just met, to explain activities in your politest language. Seeing your learners go from knowing nothing to knowing a few words to knowing a few sentences and structures to being able to hold rudimentary conversations can be incredibly rewarding, and if they enjoy their initial exposure to the language, and feel confident and inspired to continue, then you will have helped pave the way to their further success. This classroom dynamic potential makes lessons a lot of fun to teach – but also requires optimal lesson planning to keep their attention. There was an error initializing the payment processor on this form. Move on to learn basic nouns, like classroom objects, food, and things your students will encounter in their daily lives. © British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN, UK Here are more ideas and a video explainer * We cover more on teaching English and how to plan lessons for different students on our accredited online TESOL training courses. Now, come here, please. Don’t tell them how to say something: show them. Continuing to use this website gives consent to cookies being used. However, a student who has only a few words of English, if any at all, won’t appreciate the courtesy of (or even understand), “OK, so now what I’d like you all to do, if you don’t mind, is just to stand up for a moment and come to the front of the class. Give plenty of encouragement. To read more excellent strategies and tips for teaching English, check out the blog here:, Michael Brand is a Teacher Trainer for Pearson. Start by asking the student to read a simple, one-syllable word such as "sit." How to Teach Conversational English. This blog first appeared on the ELT Learning Journeys blog. Get 120 Free English Lessons, Beginners to Advanced. Michael is also a teacher for Pearson and BBC Live Classes: online lessons which bring together groups of teenage students from all over the world. This may seem a trivial point, but it’s all too easy when listening to somebody speaking broken English to forget that behind the errors and the mispronunciation is a person with cogent thoughts, no doubt articulate in their first language, attempting to communicate his or her opinions or ideas. These vocabulary lessons are the best way to begin learning the basic words of English so you can quickly start using the language in daily life.. If you’re a teacher, you can also use them if you are teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). 9 Best Practices. Rather than degrading our language we have to grade it carefully so as to keep it comprehensible while maintaining its naturalness, rhythm and spirit, ensuring all the while that, as far as possible, we actually converse with our students and listen to what they have to say. Finally, enjoy this level. Classroom language – Can you speak more slowly? You can use worksheets for practice.Have students complete a fill in the blank exercise where they must choose am, is, or are to complete sentences to ensure that they understand which form of the verb agrees with certain subjects. Show, don’t tell. Give more advanced learners extra work in class and at home. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the job to decide whether the additional responsibility of private teaching is something that you are ready to take on. Stand up. 1. Although in many ways the hardest level to teach, it can also be one of the most satisfying. As all teachers of English know, one size most certainly does not fit all. Are you sure you want to leave this form and resume later? All of our lessons are designed around engaging themes that are engaging and relevant to adult learners of English, giving students an opportunity to develop their English language and skills in motivating and enjoyable ways. Some Solutions. by Tara Arntsen 503,716 views. Teach adults in Zanzibar (or kids or teenagers!) Students just starting their English studies risk being overwhelmed by new material. It’s much better to equip students early on with classroom language that will help them navigate the lesson smoothly. The biggest difference is that it is usually possible to use a wider range of texts and subject matter with adults than with younger learners. Oh, and please bring your book with you. Please ensure all values are in a proper format. But adults are also more demanding. Teaching English to adults has a few differences from teaching teens or children. by Stacia Levy 841,763 views. Use this lesson in online or face-to-face teaching to explore the theme of everyday shopping. Beginners need lots of repetition and drilling, especially as they get to grips with the sounds of their new language. The most actual teaching time I've put in for a single day was 8 hours (or 16) classes. Thinking about starting to teach adults English, or needing a few tips on how to make your lessons more effective? – is usually associated with teaching children, but it really helps with adult beginners as well. When other teachers, even other ESL teachers, hear I’m teaching an ESL conversation class, they often say it sounds “relaxing,” or “fun” or “easy.” Numbers 1 - 100 : Pronunciation, counting skills, telephone numbers. General Resources for Teaching English. Before you jump into one-on-one English teaching, make sure this role is a good fit for you. If you want to be polite, “please” and “thank you” will do. Then, work on pronouncing more difficult sounds, like "TH," "R," and "L," which can be difficult for new English learners. ESL teaching professionals put into practice the theories of applied linguistics in a “real world” sense. Embrace your inner mime. The 35 basic english grammar lessons you will find on this page are very simple and are aimed at high school students, and adults who want to improve their English. All of our lessons are designed around engaging themes that are engaging and relevant to adult learners of English, giving students an opportunity to develop their English language and skills in motivating and enjoyable ways. through this highly rated volunteer program. I teach adults online during European hours, so there’s no need to be a night owl. All of our activities are designed around themes engaging and relevant to adult learners and can be used to complement your course curriculum, giving students an opportunity to develop their English language and skills in motivating and enjoyable ways. One of the biggest struggles new teachers face when teaching beginner-level adults is keeping in mind that your students are grown adults who are capable of reasoning, have experienced just as much (if not more) than you in life, and can fluently communicate with others, even if they can’t yet do so in English. Teaching English Pronunciation to Adult Beginners 1. TPR is a method that prescribes using your body and facial expressions to relay meaning. Adult students are eager to learn. Make sure that they succeed in their learning by checking in regularly. One of the steps to teach English to beginners is to show, not tell, in the classroom. This is a simple exercise to get students communicating with basic greetings.Notice in the second part of the activity that you can use this opportunity to recycle spelling, object, and job vocabulary. Obviously, for ESL beginners, you’ll need to modify this lesson plan but the outline is there. Use plenty of props. Silently highlight the gestures used. Check for understanding. If you’re looking to volunteer rather than find employment, this could be a great opportunity to use your ESL skills and start teaching English to adults! Make sure you provide an activity-based program —not just “chalk and talk.” Make sure that they are involved and engaged—not just spectating. I don’t understand. For more information see our, Your data will be collected accordance with our, 4 tips to help improve your English pronunciation, How to start an English language conversation with anyone, How to encourage your teenage students to become independent…, Making up for lost time: Three ways to help…, How to encourage your teenage students to become independent learners, Making up for lost time: Three ways to help students learn new…. Total physical response (TPR) is a fantastic way to teach English to both adult and young beginners. How to help students achieve their New Year’s resolutions. For example, break down “Would you like a cup of tea?” as follows: tea > cup of tea > like a > like a cup of tea > Would you > Would you like a cup of tea? ; ESL for Equality Lesson plans, activities, workbooks, and blog posts about how to teach English to refugees. Please copy and paste the embed code again. After all, even from the very first lessons, from the ‘A’ in the alphabet and the ‘am’ of ‘to be’, communication is the goal. No matter how friendly and relaxed you make your classroom atmosphere, learning a new language can still be daunting, especially when you feel you’re not completely following what’s going on, or that you might be called on to say something that you don’t feel ready to say. English Tutoring 101 Resources collected by a former RefugeeOne ELT instructor. Nevertheless, not only is it possible to teach beginners only through English, but it can also be one of the most rewarding levels to teach. The hours are actually super flexible and I can teach the hours I want. * Learn how to teach English to beginners in our live, practical teacher-led, short Zoom courses.- … You must upload one of the following file types for the selected field: There was an error displaying the form. It might seem boring to go over the same sentences again and again, but it is necessary. To teach English as a second language to beginners, start by reviewing the alphabet and numbers up to 100. The challenges facing adult language learners can be (and often are) very different from those encountered by younger learners.. Consequently, the challenges you face when teaching adults English will also be very different. Ensure you have a range of activities to use, and don’t go into class without having first carefully thought through how you are going to introduce new language, how you will check that the students have understood it, how you will practise it, and how you will deal with potential misunderstandings. Are you sure you want to leave this form and resume later? How do you say… in English? ; ESL Cafe Online activities, lesson plans, games and FAQs for English teachers. Each learner has individual needs, and there are also more general factors to consider, like age. “Everybody – take your book, please. Find a range of lesson plans to use with adult learners at beginner level. How can teachers encourage parents to get kids reading at home? Introduce your student to basic reading by showing them two or three letter, one-syllable words. Here is a list of what is covered in the 20 point program, as well as a brief description and/or list of what is included in each point: Greetings/Introductions : Basic small talk including 'How are you'. Alphabet/Spelling Skills. However, it takes a while for one’s ear to acclimatise to the sounds of a new language, and not everyone will be so keen; don’t pressure students into speaking before they’ve had lots of opportunity to listen to you using it (which doesn’t mean you should just be rambling on at the front of the classroom – with beginners more so than with other levels, you really have to consider what you say and grade your language accordingly). Showing them that lessons can be fun and that they can perform well is important to get them engaged in and positive about your classes. Also bear in mind that, unlike with higher levels, you can’t rely on conversations developing simply because the students don’t yet have the linguistic resources to engage in anything other than simple exchanges (though in time they will). TEACHING PRONUNCIATION TO ADULT BEGINNERS Marsha Chan Pronunciation Doctor on Youtube Coordinator, CATESOL Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group (TOP-IG) Mission College, Emerita Sunburst Media 2. Teaching beginners can be a daunting prospect, especially when it’s a monolingual group and you know nothing of their language, or it’s a multilingual group and the only common language is the English you’ve been tasked with teaching them. Teaching adults Here you can find a wide range of practical resources to use in your adult and business classroom. Some thoughts, top tips and practical ideas for teaching beginners English. Written by experts from around the world, our lesson plans are easy to use and aim to give your students the skills and confidence they need to enjoy learning English. - For example, when asking questions of students ask the more advanced learners questions beginning with 'Why' which will require a more advanced response. You can also have students match sentences with images or with translations for practice and to test comprehension. Students will better understand what you’re trying to say if you use visual cues rather than spill a lot of words in their direction. What do we have to do? Please contact the form owner to correct this issue. They take responsibility for their learning progress.. Even though teaching beginners entails progressing slowly and recycling and repeating language many times, that doesn’t mean recycling the same activities, especially not during one lesson. This website uses cookies. How to Teach English to Beginners. Let us know which updates you’d like to receive: © 2020 Pearson English, a division of Pearson plc. TPR is so successful because no matter where in the world you are, everyone can … There’s no point in students knowing the terms past simple, irregular verb or adverb of frequency if they can’t use the actual structures or words they refer to. * Teaching English to beginners online? © BBC World Service, Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4PH, UK. The possibility for confusion at this level is much greater than at higher levels, and sometimes even harder to disentangle. They often provide a wonderful snapshot of their own culture, so both teachers and students can learn in the classroom.. Give as much context as you can (visual prompts work well). To help you succeed in setting your learners firmly on the path to increasing proficiency, here are seven tips for teaching English to beginners. This means that the onus will largely be on you to keep them talking. Beginners tend to do best with words that have a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern, such as CAT or DOG. This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at ESOL level 1 explores the theme of cafes. Have your students mime the same situation. A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about adults, adults Give more advanced learners more difficult tasks. We make it easy for you to learn how to speak English fluently, whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner. Find a range of lesson plans to use with adult learners at beginner level. When practising a new sentence, try back-drilling, breaking the sentence down into manageable units and then building it back up, working backwards from the end of the sentence to the beginning; this helps to ensure that your intonation is natural and that you get elements of connected speech right. Thank you.”. Teach short, one-syllable words. Could we all just do that?”, Instead, make instructions crystal clear by using as few words as necessary and by gesturing whenever possible, and break down series of instructions into smaller units. Make sure that they notice that they are succeeding, and encourage self-confidence. Teaching adults can be a great privilege.. Let them know you care with outstanding, informative lesson plans! Remember They’re Adults . Teaching English to adults online Teaching English online to adults is the perfect opportunity if you’d like to connect with students from around the world while working from home. Having taught in England and Spain, he has experience in the public, private and state-assisted sectors and has taught young learners, teens and adults. Yes, phonics have to be taught and they’re one of the most difficult things for native English speakers to teach. Basic English Vocabulary Lessons. If so, please enter a password below to securely save your form. Get into group activities. … Even if you are an intermediate learner, this page might help you! Repeat everything. After all, no one likes to be rude. Beginner classes are often filled with younger students full of energy. Nevertheless, not only is it possible to teach beginners only through English, but it can also be one of the most rewarding levels to teach. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter and regular blog updates to receive news, free lesson plans and teaching tips. Classes are available throughout the day so teaching can fit in with the rest of your … 4. His teacher training interests include collaborative learning, gamifying his classes and the creative use of video. To help you succeed in setting your learners firmly on the path to increasing proficiency, here are seven tips for teaching English to beginners. I became familiar with real world ESL when I began teaching pre-literate adults the basics of English: how to communicate while they had a working knowledge of the alphabet that would eventually lead to literacy in their second language. What does… mean? How flexible is teaching adults online and do you have to work a minimum number of hours? But, either way, here are seven ways to start teaching English to beginners, step by step: Break up lessons and categorize vocabulary. As teachers, we not only have to be patient and proactive listeners, alert to the reasons why certain errors are being made while filling in the gaps in less-than-perfect communication, we also have to steer clear of adopting the Me-Tarzan-You-Jane approach to teaching, bastardizing the very language we are aiming to teach. Their adult English classes reach over 100 adult students every day. 4. Pause the video when each gesture is used and mimic it yourself, for the whole class to see. Teaching beginners can be as fun as it is strenuous. Students will have... Education exchange: Language learning in lockdown, Distance learning and English Language Learners, Teacher wellbeing: Five lessons from the experts. More than likely, your students will want to start practising speaking pretty much from the get-go. Here you can find a wide range of lesson plans to use in your adult classroom. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses. Furthermore, make sure you check they have understood by asking questions that test their comprehension – never ask “Do you understand?” as a) many people are reluctant to let on that they haven’t understood and will pretend instead that they have; and b) a student may think they have understood when in fact they haven’t. Language Link Phonetic. These English lessons will show you how to say almost anything in daily English conversation. The point of this beginner ESL lesson is to get students familiar with reading and engaging in authentic literature. Show your students a video of an everyday situation, like meeting someone for the first time, without sound. Practice Simple. Please fill in a valid value for all required fields.